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The Web. The Internet. Wireless. Hand-held PDA. E-Commerce. Purchased versus in-house services. Packaged versus customized software. The pervasive world of information technology seemingly changes by the week. Each of these changes represents a new skill set for personnel, a new competitive opportunity for the organization, a new “must stay current” requirement impacting budget and resource planning. Long-term planning for information technology and its impact on the organization can often seem a futile never-ending endeavour, yet to ignore these demands is to put the institution’s future at significant risk.



We use industry-standard cutting-edge technologies to deliver our clients - the most robust & cost effective solutions. Open source is our core repository of our development platform. Leveraging vendor neutral APIs make our systems deploy anywhere. Our solutions are time tested in enterprise environment with highest scalability, performance and bandwidth factors. We partner with the most trusted technology giants to ensure gaining unassailable expertise on these cutting-edge technologies. Our consistent innovations and continued learning made us delivering most innovative solutions in our chosen area of expertise.


We specialize in a holistic approach to business change and technology innovation. Our breadth and scope of integration capabilities enable us to minimize risk, maximize technology investment and deliver the best total systems integration services and solutions.


Maintaining enterprise applications is a huge task, both from the financial as well as the resource allocation perspective. The infrastructure and resource involvement can eat significantly into the overall IT budgets of an organization. Our matured, well-defined, and highly customized maintenance services enable clients to cut down on this reoccurring expense by taking complete onus of the systems involved. From our perspective, the approach to maintenance involves a thorough study and analysis of the client's existing business processes and technology architecture. We subsequently engage specialist teams that work in tandem with client stakeholders to not only map but also optimize the maintenance processes involved.

We Serve

  • Project Management
  • Technology Consulting
  • Offshore Services
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Social

our team

The quality of our services starts with our people. Our team mastered world-class service management. Now their job is to make you better at yours.



No matter where discovery takes place, we push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better. Our research team is a global community of forward-thinkers working towards a common goal: PROGRESS.

our pledge

To be a global leader in offering impactful technology solutions & services delivering unquestioned values to our clients and customers focusing on mutual success and growth. We wish to grow exponentially as a global hub for social innovation benefiting the mankind and thereby society.