our investor pitch

Boolean Cloud Services is a leading technology solutions and services firm that provides a wide range of consulting services to substantial and diversified clients. Our featured services include Project Management, Technology Consulting, Offshore Services, Application Lifecycle Management, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Computing, and Big Data. Primarily we serve for industry sectors, such as Telecom, Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, High-Tech Manufacturing, and Social Media.

Founded in 2015, Boolean Cloud Services is head-quartered in NJ and maintains offices in all major cities around the world.

We are dynamic, and our fast growth demonstrates that our working relationships with our clients consistently exceed their expectations. We at Boolean Cloud Services have the flexibility to deliver solutions rapidly and cost-effectively through our feature-rich product lines that enhances our customer’s business analytics and informed decision making strategies. Our confidence coupled with the optimistic approach in our ability to think ahead makes us willing to be measured against any business outcomes.

Think of Boolean Cloud Services whenever you want to run better by delivering greater operational efficiency and effectiveness besides igniting deeper inspiration to re-imagine your company's business models. For Boolean Cloud Services, our “Vision Statement” is more than a slogan - it reflects our approach to every engagement we enter into.

We at Boolean Cloud Services carefully study the emotional needs of our investors and perhaps allow room for their involvement during all stages of our business. This in turn helps our Core Team building barriers to a potential competitor's entry and implementing the steps required to make a tangible impact.

Primarily, we use our following business enablers to fuel our growth engine and capitalize our advantage and thereby sending clear message to our investors in order to enhance profit margins exponentially:

Our approaches to attract investors are always unique. Starting from designing the implementation plan, ramping up the business, go-to market strategy, packaging, marketing, distributing, and for product service and support, we pay bird's eye attention to grab the opportunities coming on our way.

We at Boolean Cloud Services firmly believe that besides monetary investment, the primary and most valuable assets are the intellectual ideas and the Intellectual Property (IP) that protects those ‘visionary’ ideas – patents, trade secrets, or copyrights.

We welcome joint venture strategies in successfully implementing these intellectual ideas and thereby benefiting our esteemed investor community. From the human capital investment standpoint, we completely rely on the requisite financial skills, training, resources, and experience to employ proper valuation techniques to appraise the IP assets. Appraisals performed by these skilled, independent professionals provide credibility to our analysis and offer an impartial determination of value. Such credibility and impartiality will likely be quite important for our potential financing sources.

We believe the credible IP assets strengthen our likelihood of obtaining financing from our investors and lenders because of the sustainable competitive advantage; i.e., higher expected returns, strong IP assets confer. In addition, IP valuations performed by a competent valuation analyst, knowledgeable in the unique characteristics of IP assets, provide numerous advantages for us and as well our investors primarily when we enter into collaborative engagements.

So why are we stress more emphasis on patents and other intellectual assets at Boolean Cloud Services? This is predominantly due to our strong feel that the patents represent a key corporate asset and commercial tool. By considering patents and IP strategy at the outset, in the context of the overall business plan, the focus for decision making shifts from cost constraints to value opportunities.

A patent activity plan helps us to provide focus for protecting core technology, effective management of long-term patenting costs, protection of confidential information, and matters of ownership and assignments. A well-timed plan enables value or revenue generating opportunities to be recognized at the appropriate moment.

In our collaboration and joint venture journey, we would continue working with the existing resources and meeting the technological challenges in the rapidly changing business environment.