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    Multiple Feeds Under One Roof

    Intelligently tracks trade messages and routes them to their destinations. A 100% Java based solution with fully configurable capabilities to all the available middle-ware in the market. Plug into any middle-ware seamlessly.
    BONUS: Provides an administration panel to control and track the messages.
    If the need arise we can fully customized the solution to your requirements.

    Track it!!! Review it!!!

    Analyze enterprise level information for analytical purposes and decision making. Fully customizable for compliance purposes. The web interface provides in-depth analytical view of the data collected and provides people at all levels to predict future route maps. Deploy it anywhere and control it from any corner of the world!!!
    BONUS: Access anywhere using our mobile version (ONLY viewer).

  • inscribeNET
    A market place for secure trading

    A web based secure channel to encrypt you trade messages and securely over our proprietary communication channels to ensure flawless trade reporting. Fully compliant with latest financial regulations!!! We can deploy dedicated installations to your specific needs as well as deliver your solution as SAAS!!! Also, we can integrate it into your existing systems with no major enhancements to your systems!!!

  • tradeCloud

    A pure plug-n-play SAAS model for all trading services!!! Plug your services - configure it!!! Your job done!!! Our engine monitors for trade work-flow and alerts you under the special/erroneous conditions!!! Configure different work-flows for different trade flows. Audit & compliance are integral to our system. Integration of web-service and cloud is what we offer!!!

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